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Private session
with Veronica Morera

Welcome english speakers! I have opened a dedicated space for us to connect and access to private sessions with me for integrative mental health and ego healing.

About Veronica

This is your safe, honest and raw space for integrative mental health based on science that is applicable to reality. I, Veronica Morera, after years of experiencing fear and toxic relationships with my mind, emotions, body image and identity, began to work on the root of my suffering and stop the covering, exploiting or denying of symptoms.


What I found was an intense process of knowing and attending to mind, body and spirit with a systemic and ecological vision of being. I have a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Universidad Central de Venezuela), a Bachelor of Psychology (University of British Columbia), and more than 11 years of experience in mindfulness, secular buddhist psychology (branches of Shambhala and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) and ego would healing.

I am the founder of Purple Rain Nutrition Inc., a spanish-speaking company and community that has served thousands of people since 2015.

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Ego healing and integrative mental health

The focus of an integrative approach to mental health is to acknowledge the mind, body, spirit and ecosystem as a whole being that interact via multiple pathways and to navigate a compassionate, wise and effective path towards manifesting a life we value and feel genuine.

Healing ego wounds and karmic loops means seeing how fear-based constructs, expired beliefs and oppresive systems leave us feeling empty, lost and on autopilot; and then restoring a connection to the multidimensional and multidirectional being that we are.

Being Wise: The Podcast

Being Wise is a podcast dedicated to pragmatic spirituality and manifesting a life that is genuine to ourselves.


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